Duromar HPL-4323 (1 Gallon)


DUROMAR HPL-4323 is a flexible version of the HPL-4320 used for secondary containment, ductwork or anywhere requiring better flexibility with extremely good chemical resistance.

Duromar HPL-4323 (Colored) – Gray or Red – 1 Gallon


Duromar HPL-4323: Flexible Epoxy Coating for Enhanced Chemical Resistance

Duromar HPL-4323 stands as a flexible iteration of the renowned HPL-4320, designed to meet the unique demands of secondary containment, ductwork, and other applications where superior flexibility and chemical resistance are essential. This product is tailored to maintain integrity and performance in scenarios that require a more adaptable coating solution.

Tailored for Demanding Environments: The flexibility of Duromar HPL-4323 makes it an ideal choice for applications where movement or expansion is a factor, ensuring that the coating does not crack or compromise under stress. Its exceptional chemical resistance also makes it suitable for environments that are regularly exposed to harsh chemicals.

Advanced Chemical Composition: This coating is formulated with a multi-functional epoxy system, featuring a uniquely modified cycloaliphatic amine hardener. This advanced composition is specifically engineered to enhance flexibility while maintaining optimal performance, even at elevated temperatures. The result is a coating that offers both resilience and adaptability, without sacrificing any of the protective qualities Duromar is known for.

Duromar HPL-4323 is more than just a protective coating; it’s a versatile solution designed to withstand the rigors of challenging industrial environments while providing the necessary flexibility for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s for industrial containment systems or intricate ductwork, Duromar HPL-4323 delivers unmatched performance and durability.

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