Water Tank Repair

Water Tank Repair

The Problem

A water treatment facility had a concrete water tank with a crack that was in desperate need of repair. The facility only had eight hours to make the repair. The company was looking for an option that would seal the leak while saving them time and money. Unconventional Solutions recommended Viscotaq Sealant because of the minimal surface preparation (no sand blasting required), outstanding corrosion resistance, holds back water up to five psi, and most importantly, a quick return to service.

The Substrate


The Solution

While most solutions need six to eight days, Unconventional Solutions with the use of the Viscotaq Sealant had the job completed in five hours with absolutely no leaks.

Viscotaq Sealant is designed to have permanent contact with its substrate and form a continuous waterproof protective coating. With the ability to adhere to almost any surface, Viscotaq Sealant is the most ideal solution for many water infiltration problems.

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