Diesel Tank Refurbishment for Long-Term Protection

Diesel Tank Refurbishment for Long-Term Protection

The Problem

A steel tank, integral to the operations of a facility, began showing signs of deterioration. Its coating was cracking and failing, and the color had dulled significantly due to continuous exposure to the elements. Concerned about the integrity and longevity of their tank, the facility sought a durable solution that would not only restore the tank’s appearance but also reinforce its resistance to the harsh outdoor environment.


The Substrate

  • Steel: The tank was made of steel, a material valued for its strength but prone to corrosion when its protective coatings fail.

The Solution

Unconventional Solutions Inc. (USI) took a systematic approach to refurbish the tank:

  • Surface Preparation: USI began by abrasive blasting the entire surface of the tank. This crucial step ensured the removal of the old, failing coating and created the proper anchor profile for the new protective system.
  • Primary Sealant Application: Next, Viscotaq ViscoSealant was applied to the tank chime area, where the steel tank met the concrete base. Viscotaq ViscoSealant is known for its exceptional adhesion properties and elasticity, providing a strong, waterproof seal.
  • Protective Wrapping: The application of Viscotaq ViscoSealant was followed by the installation of Viscotaq EZ Wrap over the entire tank chime area. This wrap formed a robust protective seal around the tank chime, safeguarding the area against water ingress and corrosion.
  • Final Coating: To complete the refurbishment, USI applied two coats of Resichem 555 in white to the entire surface of the tank. This product was specifically chosen for its high UV resistance, protecting the tank from the damaging effects of sunlight, and its superior corrosion resistance properties.


Products Used

The Outcome

The comprehensive solution implemented by USI effectively restored the tank’s protective coatings, addressing both aesthetic concerns and structural integrity issues. The dual-coat approach using Resichem 555 in white not only enhanced the tank’s appearance with a fresh, bright color but also provided a reliable defense against future UV damage and corrosion. As a result of USI’s meticulous work, the tank is well-equipped to withstand the rigors of the outdoor environment, ensuring its continued service and reliability for years to come.

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