Break Room Floor Refurbishment

Break Room Floor Refurbishment

The Problem

The break room at this prominent steel company was in dire need of refurbishment. The decay happening to the floor was a safety hazard, and it was unsanitary.

The company required a solution that would be quick, relatively simple, and that would last. Unconventional Solutions, Inc. had that solution.

The Substrate


The Solution

Unconventional Solutions, Inc. recommended the USI Water-Based Epoxy Skid Proofer. This two-component water-based epoxy skid-proofer exhibits the characteristics of chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and substrate penetration, rivaling that of solvent-based products. 

USI also made this flooring system decorative by using flakes instead of aggregate.

The floor was first prepared to the correct industry standards; cracks were filled in with USI Epoxy Mortar Patch Kit and then coated with the USI Water-Based Epoxy Skid Proofer system to ensure maximum safety, but also protection to the floor.

The company loved the clean finish to the floor and the safety it provided to its staff.

Products Used

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