Flooring System Overhaul at a Major Gas Utility Company

Flooring System Overhaul at a Major Gas Utility Company

The Problem

A major gas utility company faced a significant safety issue with their 50+ year old flooring it was in dire need of an industrial flooring system upgrade. The deteriorated condition of the floor presented a potential OSHA reportable hazard, specifically risks of trips, slips, or falls for employees. Seeking a durable and effective solution, the company contacted Unconventional Solutions, Inc. (USI) for a comprehensive repair and upgrade of the existing flooring system.

The Substrate


The Solution

USI, known for its innovative solutions, devised a three-step process to address the problem under the supervision of a utility-approved contractor. This included a NACE Certified Coating Inspector and a Project Manager specializing in flooring to ensure high-quality results.

  • Surface Preparation: The initial step involved light shot blasting and grinding of the floor to create an appropriate surface profile (C SP 3 or C SP 4). This preparation was crucial to ensure the subsequent materials would adhere properly and perform effectively.
  • Application of USI Epoxy Mortar Concrete Patch: This product was applied to areas where the floor was particularly damaged. USI Epoxy Mortar Concrete Patch is known for its strength and durability, making it ideal for repairing aged and worn concrete floors.
  • USI Flexible Broadcast Primer: After patching, the floor was treated with USI Flexible Broadcast Primer, enhancing the adhesion of the final epoxy color coat.
  • Final Coating with USI HB Epoxy Color Coat: The last step involved applying USI HB Epoxy Color Coat. This high-build, epoxy-based color coat not only improved the aesthetics of the floor but also provided a robust, protective layer, improving the floor’s safety and durability.

The industrial flooring system upgrade project was highly successful. The client was extremely pleased with the transformation, noting the significant improvement in both the appearance and safety of the floor. The company expressed their satisfaction with a video testimonial, showcasing the effectiveness of USI’s solution.

Products Used

For expert solutions to flooring challenges in industrial and utility settings, trust Unconventional Solutions. Our specialized approach ensures your floors are not only safe and compliant but also visually appealing. Contact us for your flooring system upgrades.

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