High Build Flooring System

High Build Flooring System

The Challenge

A 50+ year old floor was creating a potential OSHA Reportable of a Trip, Slip or Fall at a Major Gas Utility Company.

They contacted the USI Team for a long-lasting solution that would repair, protect and upgrade the flooring that was currently in place.

The Solution

The Flooring System that the USI Team chose to repair, protect and upgrade was USI Epoxy Mortar Concrete Patch, USI Flexible Broadcast Primer and USI HB Epoxy Color Coat.  All under the supervision of a Utility Approved Contractor.

Surface Preparation was done by light shot blasting and grinding while USI had one of their NACE Certified Coating Inspectors and a Project Manager, who specializes in flooring supervising, to assure proper protection of “C SP 3 or C SP 4”.

After the surface was prepared, USI Epoxy Mortar Concrete Patch was applied where needed. Followed by an application of USI Flexible Broadcast Primer. Finished up with USI HB Epoxy Color Coat.

The Client was very pleased with how beautiful it turned out and gave USI a video testimonial.

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