Transforming a Water-Damaged Concrete Floor into a Decorative, Durable Surface

Transforming a Water-Damaged Concrete Floor into a Decorative, Durable Surface


The Problem

The headquarters of a company faced a significant challenge with their concrete flooring, which had begun to suffer from water damage. The company sought not just a solution to halt the water damage but also desired to enhance the floor’s appearance, turning it into a more decorative and functional space. They needed a decorative concrete floor solution that also stopped the moisture penetrating the concrete.

The Substrate

The area in need of repair was primarily constructed of concrete. Concrete, while durable, can deteriorate over time, especially in industrial settings with exposure to heavy wear.

The Solution

Unconventional Solutions was called to address the issue, offering their expertise and a range of specialized products. USI engineered a decorative concrete floor solution. The project involved several key steps:

  • Surface Preparation: As per the Technical Data Sheets of the chosen Flooring System Products, the area was first meticulously prepped. This preparation was crucial for ensuring the effectiveness of the subsequent treatments and the longevity of the flooring solution.

  • Application of USI Moisture Vapor Barrier: To prevent future water penetration, USI Moisture Vapor Barrier was applied. This barrier is designed to provide a protective layer against moisture, crucial for maintaining the integrity of the flooring.

  • Priming with USI LVP High Build Quick Set Epoxy: The next step involved applying USI LVP High Build Quick Set Epoxy. This high solids primer was necessary before adding any topcoats, ensuring a strong foundation for the decorative layer.

  • Decorative and Functional Topcoat: The final layer was a special mix of USI SF Polyaspartic Sealer with a custom-ordered color flake mixture. This combination not only provided a visually appealing, decorative finish but also ensured the surface was easy to clean and non-slip, enhancing both safety and functionality.

  • Finishing Touches: To complete the project, the floor was buffed with a floor buffer and vacuumed thoroughly to remove any excess paint flakes, ensuring a smooth, even finish.

The transformation of the concrete floor was a success. The combination of the moisture barrier, high-build epoxy, and polyaspartic sealer not only addressed the water damage issue but also elevated the aesthetic appeal of the floor. The company was left with a surface that was both functional and visually striking, meeting their dual requirements of durability and decoration.


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For innovative and durable flooring solutions that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, trust Unconventional Solutions. Our specialized products and technical expertise ensure your flooring challenges are transformed into opportunities. Contact us for your flooring needs.

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