Durable Rubber Tank Repair at Wastewater Treatment Facility Holding NaOCL

Durable Rubber Tank Repair at Wastewater Treatment Facility Holding NaOCL

The Problem

A wastewater treatment facility was grappling with a significant issue – a leak in the rubber lining of a steel tank, which had been replaced only two years earlier. Given the critical nature of the facility’s operations, the client reached out to USI, seeking a more durable and long-lasting rubber tank repair solution than the previous two-year lifespan.

The Substrate

The challenge involved a steel tank with a rubber lining. Steel tanks are commonly used in such facilities for their strength and durability, but the rubber lining is essential for protecting the steel from corrosive substances and ensuring leak-proof operation.

The Solution

repaired tank lining

The repair process began with the owner power-washing the tank to eliminate caustic elements that could interfere with the repair. Next, a 40,000-psi water jet was employed to meticulously remove the existing rubber lining. The tank was then abrasive blasted to a SC-SPC -10 or Nace 2 standard, a necessary step for creating an ideal surface for the new lining.

Due to prolonged leakage, there was significant metal loss in the tank. To address this, Resimetal 101 Metal Repair Paste was used to rebuild the compromised metal areas. Following this, a coat of 3M Scotchkote 323+ 900ml Repair Cartridges was applied at 30 mils. This coating was chosen for its superior protection and longevity.

After the application, a crucial 72-hour curing period was observed, followed by a holiday spark test to ensure the integrity of the repair.

Encouraged by the success of this rubber tank repair, the facility owner decided to have USI reline two more tanks at the same site, indicating a high level of satisfaction and trust in the solution provided.

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