USI Groups is a rapidly growing distributor of industrial-grade composite repair systems and protective coatings.  At USI, we are committed to creating opportunities for our employees to continually develop their leadership skills and advance in their careers.

We were founded on three core values:  integrity, innovation, and perseverance.

Integrity:  The quality of possessing and adhering to high moral principles or professional standards.  Integrity is the glue that holds the team together and allows us to exceed every challenge.

Innovation:  Is a mindset of constant learning and growth.  We formulate plans and share ideas during team meetings, workshops, and daily communication to promote long-term growth with USI.

Perseverance:  Our team is dedicated to achieving both personal and professional success by executing plans and breaking down barriers. We strongly believe the harder you work, the harder you can play.

These virtues help each of us focus on being the Ideal Team Player – the powerful combination of innate strengths and qualities that boost team-performance and success.  We live, hire and work by these virtues every day!

We pride ourselves in helping industries, utilities, and municipalities “Repair, Protect, & Upgrade” with our Unconventional Solutions™.


Please submit your application, resume and a cover letter on why you can be an asset to our team and send those to Tiffany@usigroups.com 

Current Positions

  • Inside Sales Representatives (1)
  • Account Managers in Several Locations- Detroit, West Michigan, Dayton,  Toledo, (Jackson & Lansing), (Saginaw, Bay City, Flint), and Northwest Indiana 
  • Estimator
  • Bookkeeper
  • Branch Manager