UV Protected Pipeline for Bridge Crossings

UV Protected Pipeline for Bridge Crossings

The Problem

A gas pipeline owner faced a unique challenge with their pipeline running under a bridge on a major expressway, which experiences over a million car transits daily. The pipeline, coated with Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE), was exposed to both public view and direct sunlight. There was a need for a UV stable coating to protect the pipeline from degradation while also blending it with the bridge’s aesthetics.

The Substrate

The pipeline was made of metal, a standard in the industry for its strength and durability. However, the external environmental factors, especially UV exposure, necessitated additional protection to extend the life of the pipeline.

The Solution pipeline with cortec ecoshield 386 uv stable coating

To address these challenges, the following approach was taken:

  • Technical Supervision: A USI AMPP Coating Inspector was present on-site to provide technical advice and support, ensuring the proper application process.
  • Surface Preparation: Initially, there was a deviation in the surface preparation process. The contractor was performing a NACE 2 (Near White Metal Blast) instead of the required NACE 4 (Brush-Off Blast). This was rectified by prepping the pipeline with NACE 4 Brush-Off Blast using eighty grit sandpaper.
  • Degreasing and Cleaning: The crew performed SSPC-SP1, which involved degreasing and cleaning the pipeline with Xylene.
  • Application of Cortec EcoShield 386: The chosen solution was Cortec EcoShield 386, a UV-stable coating. It was applied at 8 mils thickness. This coating is available in various colors for aesthetic compatibility and also comes in a clear variant for pipelines stored outdoors, offering protection without altering their appearance.
  • Compliance with Federal Standards: It was essential to apply a Federal 49 CFR approved pipeline coating back onto the pipeline before proceeding with the EcoShield 386 application.

Products Used 

  • Cortec EcoShield 386: A UV-stable coating selected for its ability to protect the pipeline from UV degradation and blend with the bridge’s appearance.


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