Revitalizing Secondary Containment Concrete Repair for an Automotive Engine Manufacturer

Revitalizing Secondary Containment Concrete Repair for an Automotive Engine Manufacturer

The Problem

An automotive engine manufacturer was facing imminent fines from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) due to the deteriorating condition of their secondary containment structure, it needed concrete repair. A critical issue was the exposed and deeply pitted rebar in the containment walls, compromising the structure’s integrity. In the event of a tank leak, the weakened containment would be unable to effectively contain the spill, posing significant environmental risks.

The Substrate

The primary material of the containment structure was concrete. While concrete is typically robust and durable, over time and under harsh conditions, it can deteriorate, especially when reinforcement like rebar is exposed to corrosive substances.

The Solution


Unconventional Solutions (USI) was brought in to address the problem and prevent the impending EPA fines with a comprehensive repair and coating strategy:

  • Wall Structure Repair: The first step involved using Resichem 571 Concrete Repair LW to rebuild the damaged walls. This product was specifically chosen for its ability to repair lightweight concrete structures, restoring the strength and integrity of the walls.
  • Application of Resichem 503 SPEP Primer: After repairing the structure, Resichem 503 SPEP Primer was applied to the walls. This primer is crucial for enhancing the adhesion of the final protective coating, ensuring its durability and effectiveness.
  • Final Coating with Resichem 511 UCEN: To complete the repair, Resichem 511 UCEN was applied over the primer. This coating was selected for its chemical protection properties, safeguarding the walls against future erosion and chemical attacks.

The project was successfully completed, significantly improving the condition of the secondary containment. The reconstruction of the walls with Resichem 571 Concrete Repair LW, followed by the application of Resichem 503 SPEP Primer and Resichem 511 UCEN, revitalized the containment structure. This not only averted the EPA fines but also ensured the containment area was capable of effectively managing potential spills, aligning with environmental safety standards.

The Products

For expert solutions in industrial concrete repair and protective coatings, trust Unconventional Solutions. Our innovative products and expertise ensure your facilities are safe, compliant, and durable. Contact us for your structural repair needs.

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