Containment Area Repair

Containment Area Repair

containment area cracks

The Problem

The EPA was about to fine this automotive engine manufacturer for the condition of their secondary containment. One of the issues was that if this tank leaked, the flow of this containment area was going to be in the wrong direction.

The Substrate


The Solution

repaired containment area

As you can see, we repaired many cracks, but also added burms to make the flow go in the proper direction. The product used here was Resichem 576 Quartz Screed.

After repairing the concrete and adding the burms, Unconventional Solutions sealed the area with Resichem 571 Concrete Repair LW and Resichem 503 SPEP. 

USI then coated the yellow stripping with USI Fast Striping Line Marker.

Products Used


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