Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt Repair

Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt Repair

The Challenge

This stainless steel flat top conveyor in a local auto plant was constantly getting wet causing a major slip hazard to the assembly workers.

Cars were also slipping off the conveyor belts. 

Unconventional Solutions was called in to solve the problem since grip tape systems were only lasting a week or two.

The Substrate 

Stainless Steel

The Solution

The conveyor was first cleaned with USI Universal Cleaner.

An MBX Bristle Blaster was used to prepare a profile so the coating could adhere. 

The USI Technical Consultant then chose to use Resichem 501 CRSG to offer the assembly plant a long-term solution over the conventional safety tape. 

USI Granular Aggregate LD was back-rolled into the coating to provide slip-resistance. 

This solution lasted 10-15 times longer than the construction safety tapes. In this case, it lasted over a year as opposed to 2 weeks.

Products Used 

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