Innovative Moisture Control for Auto Plant’s Striping Pit in Michigan

Innovative Moisture Control for Auto Plant’s Striping Pit in Michigan

The Problem

A Michigan auto plant faced a recurring issue with its concrete striping pit and moisture control, where cars are adorned with racing stripes. The pit was experiencing damage due to condensation and moisture penetration, a problem exacerbated by the plant’s location on a wetland. This led to persistent groundwater penetration, adversely affecting the pit’s concrete structure. Despite numerous treatments over the years, a lasting solution to keep the water out and protect the concrete had eluded the plant.

The Substrate

The main material affected by this issue was concrete. While concrete is a robust and durable construction material, it is also naturally porous, making it susceptible to moisture intrusion, especially in environments like wetlands.

The Solution

Unconventional Solutions (USI) was approached to provide a solution to what was deemed an unsolvable problem – Concrete Moisture Control in an auto plant. USI recommended a comprehensive approach involving several products:

  • RESICHEM 573 Fastfill Screed Concrete Seal: This product was chosen as a primary defense against moisture. It is capable of holding up to 140 PSI of hydrostatic pressure, making it an ideal solution for areas prone to moisture infiltration like basements, floors, walls, and ceilings.
  • USI Moisture Vapor Barrier: This barrier was included to provide an additional layer of protection against moisture, ensuring the effectiveness of the overall solution.
  • USI High Build Epoxy Floor Coating: To provide a durable and resistant surface capable of withstanding the operational demands of the striping pit while also contributing to moisture control.

Products Used

For advanced and durable solutions to moisture control challenges in industrial environments, turn to Unconventional Solutions. Our expertise in concrete protection and moisture barrier technology ensures long-lasting results. Contact us for your facility’s moisture control needs.

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