Treated Water Pipeline Leak Repair

Treated Water Pipeline Leak Repair

The Challenge

A steel mill was losing 50 to 70 gallons/minute on 10 inch of chemically treated water pipeline. This leak was costing the plant almost $4,000 a day in chemical treatment costs.  

They attempted to use a mechanical clamp, but because of the nipple, they were not able to get a tight seal and continued to lose water at a very high rate.  

They called Unconventional Solutions to determine if the repair could be made in place.

The Substrate


The Solution

Unconventional Solutions was able to accomplish this by using RESIMETAL 105 Aqua Stick in conjunction with RESIMETAL 108 Pipe Repair Tape to seal the leak in the pipe and bring the water loss to a stop.

The steel mill was very pleased with our ability to deliver the product as well as train their employees to make the repair in house.  They continue to use RESIMETAL 105 Aqua Stick and RESIMETAL 108 Pipe Repair Tape on numerous other repairs and keep all sizes in stock to make permanent and emergency repairs.

They have been using this proven system for 15 years.

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