Industrial Power Plant Preservation

Industrial Power Plant Preservation




The Challenge

November 2016

A natural gas fired power plant, had recently shut down and was in need of an effective form of corrosion protection for their high value components. The list of items needing protection included two natural gas fired turbines, all valves and moving components, several oil tanks, and adjacent equipment, along with nine tanks used to hold and transfer water/steam during normal operations. The water/steam vessels had a combined internal space of 11,700 cubic feet that required protection. The combined volume of the oil systems to be protected came to 13,845 gallons.

The Solution

After walking the site with the customer, we ensured that all items being protected were cleaned and ready for preservation. We started by protecting all of the valves and moving parts using VpCI® Super Penetrant and VpCI®-369.

After the valves and moving parts where protected, we began fogging the High Pressure, Intermediate Pressure, and Low Pressure tanks located on top of the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) units. Using an airless sprayer, we fogged the internal voids of the tanks at a rate of one (1) ounce/ft3 using VpCI®-337. Due to the style of tanks we were fogging, we used VpCI®-126 EM UV to cover the openings, ensuring the product stayed inside and preventing blowback.

Once the internal voids were fogged, all openings where closed and sealed. We then moved on to the Drum Dryer to prep the piece for shrink wrapping. Using VpCI®-126 EM UV, we wrapped the Drum Dryer and then fogged VpCI®-337 internally before sealing the equipment. Utilizing earlier methods, we then fogged the internal voids of the three remaining tanks, the Condensate, Deaerator, and Internal Drain tanks. Finally, we moved to the two natural gas fired turbines, which required using VpCI®-308 Pouches along with VpCI®-126 EM UV to cover the inlet and exhaust ports of each turbine.

The customer is extremely satisfied and excited about the application. They are confident in the success of the preservation for the protected equipment.

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