Emergency Repair of Fan Shaft in Automotive Manufacturing Company

Emergency Repair of Fan Shaft in Automotive Manufacturing Company

The Problem

An automotive manufacturing company experienced significant operational challenges due to heavy vibration from a fan shaft located in the penthouse HVAC building on the roof of their warehouse they needed a Emergency Industrial Fan Shaft Repair. The shaft, crucial for heating purposes, had developed a wear area due to a faulty bearing. This wear area measured 2”- 3” wide and was about 1/16”- 1/8” deep. Replacing the shaft was not only costly (nearly $2000) but also time-consuming, with a delivery time of 4 weeks. Additionally, the downtime and labor costs associated with installing a new shaft – involving 4 employees working over 10 hours for 4 days – would total around $5000.

The Solution

Unconventional Solutions was called for an emergency repair and proposed a turnkey solution:

  • Surface Preparation: The shaft was first cleaned with USI Universal Cleaner. It was then prepared with an MBX Bristle Blaster to achieve an anchor pattern of 2-3 mils, conforming to SSPC-SP2 or SP3 standards. The shaft was cleaned again with USI Universal Cleaner to remove any oil or debris.
  • Application of Resimetal 101 Metal Repair Paste: Following the cleaning and preparation, Resimetal 101 Metal Repair Paste was mixed according to its Technical Data Sheet. A PVC pipe lined with Resimac 904 Release Agent and hose clamps were used to form the repair paste to the worn area of the shaft. Heat was applied to accelerate the overall cure time.
  • Efficient Project Completion and Quick Return to Service: The repair was completed within 6 hours, allowing the shaft to cure and be back in service within 48 hours, significantly reducing the downtime and costs associated with replacing the shaft.

The Emergency Industrial Fan Shaft Repair solution provided by Unconventional Solutions successfully addressed the heavy vibration issue of the fan shaft. The quick and efficient repair not only saved the automotive company nearly $7000 in replacement and labor costs but also minimized operational downtime. This project exemplified the effectiveness of USI’s innovative repair solutions in addressing complex industrial challenges.

Products Used


For fast and reliable solutions to emergency repairs in industrial settings, trust Unconventional Solutions. Our expertise in innovative repair techniques ensures your equipment is quickly restored to optimal functionality. Contact us for your emergency repair needs.

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