Paper Mill Pipe Repair

Paper Mill Pipe Repair

The Challenge

The Paper Mill Plant contacted the USI Team having an issue of leaking, corroded, eroded pipes that are not only impossible to replace, but that they needed to find a solution to extend the life of the pipes without replacing them.

The USI Team came up with an adequate solution to avoid replacing the pipe and causing a major forced outage at the mill.

The Solution

The area was cleaned and prepped according to the product’s Technical Data Sheet.

The USI Team chose to use Resimetal 103 Metal Repair Stick and Resimetal 108 Pipe Repair Tape, as it has a high psi, up to 750psi/50bar. First the Resimetal 103 Metal Repair Stick was applied to any holes or thinning pipe wall areas.  Then Resimetal 108 Pipe Repair Tape was applied according to its Technical Data Sheet. It is moisture activated and was at full cure in 30 minutes with NO Shrinkage and resists up to 270°C operating temperatures.

This solution gave this Paper Mill the extended life they were looking for from their eroded/corroded pipes.

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