Concrete Stairs at a Wastewater Treatment Plant

Concrete Stairs at a Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Problem

This wastewater treatment plant wanted to improve plant safety to mitigate the risk of trip, slip and fall issues.  The steps were original from 1956 opening of plant and are over 66 years old.

The plant wanted to start having grade school kids do field trips to tour and it start with this project first. 

The Substrate


The Solution

We started by removing all the loose damaged concrete and listening for any hollow sounds in the concrete. We used a grinder and scuffed up the rest of the damaged areas. 

Then we used leaf blower to remove all the rough debris. Then we used the Resichem 571 Concrete Mortar LW to rebuild the side of the stairs. 

Once the area was clean, we used Resimac 576 Quartz Screed primer activator and poured it into the primer base and stirred it with a drill motor until it was a uniform color. We primed two stairs at a time so we could move around the project with ease.

Using a five-gallon bucket, we mixed the 576 Quartz Screed Primer with half of the aggregate, then we mixed the remaining aggregate with a big concrete mixer and the drill motor.  We scraped around the edges and bottom until thoroughly mixed.  Using a premeasured wood form, we used tape and release agent on the front of the stairs so it would not stick.  Reminder: slant the stairs away from the structure so rain runs off smoothly and ice will not form with colder temperatures.  

The client was excited about the appearance and is now repairing other stairs to prevent slip, trip and falls.

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