Concrete Stair Repair Enhancing Safety at a Wastewater Treatment Plant

Concrete Stair Repair Enhancing Safety at a Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Problem

The wastewater treatment plant, operational since 1956, faced significant safety concerns due to the age and condition of its concrete steps and needed concrete stair repairs. These original steps, over 66 years old, posed a trip, slip, and fall risk, which the plant wanted to mitigate before starting to host field trips for grade school students. The objective was to enhance safety and make the steps suitable for educational tours.

The Substrate

Concrete: The steps were made of concrete, which had deteriorated over the decades, necessitating thorough repair and refurbishment.

The Solution


Unconventional Solutions, Inc. (USI) implemented a multi-step approach to refurbish and enhance the safety of the concrete steps:

  1. Surface Preparation:
    • The team began by removing all loose and damaged concrete, listening for hollow sounds to identify weak areas.
    • A grinder was used to scuff up the remaining damaged areas, followed by using a leaf blower to clear away rough debris, ensuring a clean surface for the subsequent steps.
  2. Priming the Concrete:
    • Resichem 506 Aluprime was applied to prime the concrete, ensuring optimal adhesion of the repair materials.
  3. Concrete Repair:
    • Resichem 571 Concrete Mortar LW was used to rebuild the sides of the stairs, restoring structural integrity.
  4. Applying Quartz Screed:
    • The team prepared Resimac 576 Quartz Screed by mixing the primer activator into the base primer until it reached a uniform color.
    • Working two stairs at a time for efficiency, they primed the steps.
    • In a five-gallon bucket, the 576 Quartz Screed Primer was mixed with half of the aggregate. The remaining aggregate was then mixed with a large concrete mixer and drill motor to ensure thorough blending.
    • The mixture was carefully applied to the steps using a pre-measured wood form coated with tape and release agent to prevent sticking. The steps were slanted slightly away from the structure to facilitate rain runoff and prevent ice formation in colder temperatures.

The Outcome The refurbishment of the concrete steps at the wastewater treatment plant was a success. The steps were significantly improved in terms of both appearance and safety, meeting the client’s objectives. The enhanced steps are now ready to accommodate grade school field trips, providing a safe and secure environment for young visitors. The client was highly satisfied with the results and has decided to continue repairing other stairs within the facility to further prevent slip, trip, and fall incidents.

Products Used

For reliable and effective solutions in concrete repair and safety enhancement, trust Unconventional Solutions. Our expertise and high-quality products ensure long-lasting and safe infrastructure. Contact us today to address your concrete repair needs.

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