Chemical Plant Concrete Flooring Repair

Chemical Plant Concrete Flooring Repair

The Problem

A chemical plant was seeing aggressive chemical attack on their floor. The customer had a cocktail of different chemicals that could be present at any given moment so they needed a durable, multi-purpose solution that could provide long-term protection. 

After gathering all the data of the different chemicals, USI suggested a system that suited the client’s needs. 

The Substrate


The Solution

 The most important step of the project was to use a shot blaster with a vacuum on the back to pick up all the contaminated old debris. 

The next step was to apply Duromar DF-1303 Zero VOC Concrete Sealer to prime the surface. 

After that we applied two coats of  Duromar HPL-4320 in alternating colors. This product was chosen because it is a Novolac that provides excellent chemical resistance.

Products Used

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