Cooler Tower Basin Repair

Cooler Tower Basin Repair

The Problem

The client was having problems with this cooling tower basin at a nuclear power plant because it was in desperate need of repair. 

The basin was deteriorating, the concrete wall was badly cracked and wearing away, and corrosion was affecting the exposed metal

Unconventional Solutions was called in to provide a solution to get the nuclear power plant by for 2 years.

The Substrate


The Solution

The exposed rebar was coated with RESICHEM 506 Aluprime.

The damaged concrete was prepared and repaired with RESICHEM 571 Light Weight Concrete Repair. This lightweight repair mortar is excellent for vertical or overhead surfaces. It provides a strong, durable repair to any concrete or mineral, and is 100% solid and VOC free. This lightweight mortar gives the customer 6000 psi of compression strength. 

This 2-year repair ended up lasting for over 6 years without the client needing to replace the entire cooling tower basin.

Products Used

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