Truck Island Concrete Repair and Protection

Truck Island Concrete Repair and Protection

The Problem

The photographs show the badly damaged concrete surfaces of a truck island which is part of this refinery’s large truck unloading area.

The project requirement was to completely repair the concrete island and coat the surface to provide protection against chemical attack of diesel fuel.

The end goal was to provide the island with a slip-resistant surface.

The Substrate


The Solution

repaired truck island concrete


The corroded metal was blasted and primed with Resichem 506 AluPrime.

The damaged concrete was repaired using our solvent-free epoxy resurfacing product, Resichem 576 Quartz Screed

Then the entire concrete surface was prime with Resichem 503 SPEP

Resichem 511 UCEN was then applied in two coats over both surfaces to provide outstanding chemical, corrosion, and abrasion resistance. 

USI Granular Aggregate LD was back-rolled into the top layer of Resichem 511 UCEN on the edges of the truck islands and the areas adjacent to the islands to provide a slip-resistant surface. 

Products Used

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