Acid Tank Relining

Acid Tank Relining

The Challenge

USI’s reputation for Technical Support, Training & Trouble Shooting, had a fellow SEMPPES’s Member (South Eastern Michigan Power Plant Society) recommend USI to this Power Plant that needed help with a new acid resistant lining. The first step was determining if the wall thickness was adequate for the relining by doing a UT thickness testing grid.

The Solution

The USI Team started with containing the area by tenting, and then blasted the surfaces of the tank to prepare it for relining.  Once the surfaces were properly prepared to NACE #2/SSPC-SP-10 Near White Metal with 2 ½ to 4 mil anchor pattern, Resimac Resimetal 101 Metal Repair Paste was applied to fill in where pitted loss had occurred.  Lastly, a 2 coat color system of Resimac Resichem 5111 UCEN, designed for 98% Sulfuric Acid with continuous immersion service, was applied to give a strong, lasting relining to solve the chemical and deterioration problem.


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