Cleat Issues on a Conveyor Belt

Cleat Issues on a Conveyor Belt

The Problem

A local concrete plant was continually having problems with their conveyor belts, especially at the cleats. Since they needed to be back in service very quickly, they opted for a system that can be back in service the same day the repair is completed.

The Substrate


The Solution

First, we cut out the damaged cleat section. 

The hole was repaired using a combination of RES808 High Strength Reinforcement Mesh Tape and RES401 GP 60 Putty . We used a wide cellophane tape over the cleats to allow them to still move freely over the rollers. 

We then coated the entire cleat section with more RES401 GP 60 Putty.

The repair was done on a Saturday morning and was back in service with sand running over the belt later that day.

Products Used

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