2023 an Unconventional Year in Review

2023 an Unconventional Year in Review

2023 was an exciting year for us. We built our new website (thanks for visiting), welcomed incredible new team members, and began work on one of our most exciting projects yet.

Our Biggest Project of the Year

We encapsulated floors at a large facility of an energy service provider in Michigan. Encapsulating a concrete floor can create a few benefits:

  • Protection: Adding a protective layer over concrete flooring can limit wear and tear, scratches, stains, or chemical damage — extending the lifespan of the flooring.
  • Cost Savings: By encapsulating flooring, instead of replacing the surface and concrete, the customer will be saving substantial costs on replacement flooring.
  • Sustainability: Encapsulating prevents concrete from being disposed of, giving it a longer life and stopping the environmental impact that would be caused by the production and installation of new concrete.

The 13,600-square-foot facility had disbonded concrete and fading coating from years of use. To begin the encapsulation process, we used machinery that can grind down the affected flooring and vacuum the resulting dust in one motion, reducing the amount of dust released into the work environment.

We then utilized a saw to cut around several large areas of disbonded floor, then jack-hammered the old flooring to reveal the concrete substrate below. Then the flooring rebuilding process began, as our team used USI Epoxy Mortar Patch Kits.

Once all the damaged areas were repaired, USI’s flexible broadcast primer was applied then, we applied two coats of USI Epoxy Slurry to create a more flexible and, thus, longer-lasting floor for the entire warehouse, plus one coat in all the other areas of the facility.

Next, we coated the entire floor using USI High Build Epoxy in Grey, which provides high impact resistance, high abrasion resistance, and some chemical resistance, with an Aluminum Oxide broadcast throughout for slip resistance. Yellow line striping was then added to any applicable areas using USI Fast Cure Line Striping, which can withstand exposure to many common solvents and chemicals.|

As the warehouse floor nears completion, our team moves onto the dock. For the dock, we will grind the floor for the proper anchor profile and rebuild two bases around two columns, utilizing Resimac 571 LW. Resimac 571’s lightweight makes it ideal for column repairs. Next, the USI team will prime the entire floor of the dock with USI Flexible Broadcast Primer, which is designed for sealing traffic surfaces exposed to vehicular or foot traffic. Next will be the USI High Build Epoxy in Grey and Broadcasting Aggregate, which is recommended for high-traffic and forklift areas and slip-resistant coating.

With a planned 13,000 plus square footage of floor, we’re saving this customer an incredible amount of costs compared to a floor replacement project and reducing the environmental impact of a full replacement project. Needless to say, the entire team here at USI is very excited about the progress and outcome of this project.



photo of a warehouse floor that has been grinded downPhoto of a warehouse floor that has been grinded down prior to encapsulationphoto of a warehouse floor prior to encapsulationPhoto of warehouse PVC floor prior to encapsulationPhoto of a hallway prior to encapsulation


photo of a warehouse floor with a gate. The floor is shiny and has been encapsulated photo of a shiny warehouse floor that has been encapsulated

photo of a warehouse floor that has been encapsulatedphoto of a warehouse floor that has been encapsulated with grey epoxy

photo of a hallway that has been encapsulated with epoxy

Product Highlights of 2023

When it comes to repairs, Resimac was one of our most popular product lines in 2023. Based in England, Resimac supplies a range of epoxy, polyurethane, and silicon coatings and repair materials to the oil and gas, petrochemical, marine, paper and pulp, water, power generation, and chemical industries. See our full line of Resimac products here.

For protective coatings, Denso is our product highlight of 2023. Denso, a Winn & Coales International branch, produces and supplies corrosion and chemical-resistant coatings and linings for steel, concrete, and timber in harsh environments. Check out our full line of Denso products at our store.

Expanding Pipeline Inspections for 2024

In other news, for 2024, we’re hoping to expand our Pipeline Surface and Coatings Inspections and add new team members to support this growing service.

Our Pipeline Inspections include surface prep, evaluating mills, as well as how thick your protective coatings are under different conditions.

Pipeline Inspections can help prevent corrosion, ensure structural integrity, help your infrastructure adhere to regulations and environmental safety standards, and maximize its lifespan. Contact us today to learn more about our Pipeline Inspections.

Stay Tuned for What Else We Have in Store for 2024

We’re always searching for ways to better serve our customers and deliver the best coating and composite repair solutions. Check out our newsletter and industry news section to stay informed in the New Year.


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