Cortec Cleaners and Additives

Cortec Cleaners and Additives

EcoAir® VpCI®-414

The EcoAir® VPCI-414 is for the removal of temporary coatings, light oils, and greases that might spill or build up. This is a fast acting water-based cleaner/degreaser that includes flash corrosion protection when cleaning metal surfaces. It is conveniently packaged in the bag-on-valve spray cans.

ElectriCorr® VpCI

ElectriCorr®VpCI®-238 is good for protecting electronics with helps reducing repair frequency and avoiding shutdowns. Useful for spraying onto indoor electrical panels to clean them and leave behind a thin film corrosion inhibiting coating. ElectriCorr® VpCI®-239 is perfect for harsher outdoor conditions.

Rust Removal

EcoAir®422 is best for horizontal surfaces. It effectively removes rust and tarnish from steel,iron, copper, and brass without creating waste disposal difficulties. EcoAir® 422 is more user-friendly than traditional rust removers. It contains 92% USDA certified bio-based content. It is also available in a squeeze bottle as EcoClean 422. EcoAir® 423 is best used for vertical surfaces.It can be sprayed on for rust removal. It contains a water-based gel that effectively removes rust and oxides from steel, iron, brass, and copper. EcoAir® 423 works well on vertical and overhead surfaces. It contains 91% USDA certified bio-based content. It is also available as EcoClean 423 Rust Remover is squeeze bottles.

FlashCorr VpCI: FlashCorr VpCI is a very useful and highly effective environmentally friendly cleaner with a unique ability to neutralize and remove salt deposits. It contains 64% USDA certified bio-based content.


VpCI® 648 protects both ferrous metals and copper. It is used to avoid clogging and slowing from corrosion in water-cooled generator stators during operation. It can be used during layup or hydro static testing of low conductivity or low sodium systems, making it ideal for offline preservation of nuclear industry cooling water systems, as well as generator stators. VpCI® 648 is specifically intended for corrosion protection of water-cooled generator stators in the power industry, but it is also applicable to other cooling systems such as EDM machining, Plasma arch machining and Laser cutting operations.

VpCI 705 Bio

VpCI705 Bio is a multifunctional fuel additive for biodiesel and other bio-fuels. It serves as a corrosion inhibitor, fuel stabilizer, and water emulsifier for biodiesel, diesel, and gasoline. It contains 80% USDA certified bio-based content.

CorroLogic® VpCI®

CorroLogic®VpCI®protects oil and gas industry pipeline casings from corrosion. It is a gel filler product for pipeline casings, protect-annular void spaces between pipelines, their casings and other tubular void spaces. The filler also provides resistance to bacterial corrosion and prevents infiltration of air and water inside the filled structures. CorroLogic® VpCI®is biodegradable, non-toxic,non-flammable, and nitrite- and phosphate-free.


M-120is a new product, released last month. It is a water based corrosion inhibitor for use in water based epoxies, urethanes, acrylics and alkyds. M-120 provides protection for carbon steel and aluminum, eliminates corrosion and reduces scribe creep. M-120 does not contain any heavy metals such as zinc phosphate, chromates or barium. It works in both the vapor and contact phase sand is resistant to moderate to high agitation.


M-529is an oil based corrosion inhibitor for lubricating oils. It provides excellent corrosion protection during operating conditions and intermittent operation. M-529provides protection in the presence of chlorides. When added at recommended concentration to fluids, it does not affect pour point and viscosity at low temperatures. M-529 L additionally contains an EP lubricity package and is recommended for lubricating oil when EP lubricity is needed, such as gears or transmissions.

M-531 T

M-531T is an oil-based package of ashless corrosion inhibitors that can be added to petroleum and synthetic lubricants in turbine systems. It protects systems such as gear boxes and generator, from the rust that could otherwise lead to equipment failure. M-531 T provides contact and vapor phase rust protection and is designed for use with turbine oils. It has little-to-no effect on pour point or viscosity at recommended dose. M-531 T is generally compatible with PAO and mineral-oil-based lubricants. It is suitable for lay-up conditions and provides an economical dosage.

EcoLine Bio-based FoodMachinery Lubricating Grease #1: NLGI grade 1 grease for lubrication of machinery where there is the possibility of incidental contact with food. It is made from natural seed oils. It is superior lubricity and wide range of operating temperatures.It contains 96% USDA certified bio-based content.

EcoLine Bio-based Food Machinery Lubricating Grease #2

EcoLine Bio-based Food Machinery Lubricating Grease #2 is aNLGI grade 2 grease for lubrication of machinery where there is the possibility of incidental contact with food. It is made from natural seed oils. It has superior lubricity and a wide range of operating temperatures. It contains 96% USDA certified bio-based content.

EcoLine® Biobased Rubber Revitalizer

EcoLineBio-based Rubber Revitalizer is a soy-based product designed for cleaning and protecting genuine and synthetic rubber against the damaging effects of drying and sun damage. It cleans and protects the rubber while prolonging the rubber lifetime and reconditions the rubber and renews the surface texture.


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