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Leading Edge August 2021

                           Cost of Corrosion “Over $1.1 Trillon yearly, roughly 2.1 percent of our GDP” Project: Clarifier Tank Repair and Upgrade   One of North America’s largest flat role steel producers had a clarifier at its continuous caster was starting to leak and needed…
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Leading Edge July 2021

EPA Raises Environmental Civil Penalties for 2021 U.S. EPA slightly increased its maximum monetary civil penalties for violations of air, water, chemical, and hazardous waste programs on December 23, 2020. The increases in maximum penalty amounts were implemented to keep pace with inflation. The new maximum penalty amounts shown below will  apply to environmental violations…
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Resimac Underwater Repair and Coatings

Resimac is a UK based manufacturer of epoxy and polyurethane repair materials and coatings. The products they offer are supplied to over 50 countries worldwide and are used by some of the largest companies globally. They specialize in offering solutions for abrasion, wear, impact, chemical attack, corrosion and heat loss on process systems and equipment.…
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Duromar 100% Solid Linings

By Stormy Shaw HPL-1110 HPL-1110 is a flexible, low viscosity, easy to use coating system. It is used on structural steel, tank exteriors or other areas where extra corrosion resistance is required. HPL-1110 has an average pot life of 45 minutes. This multi-functional epoxy has a uniquely modified alkyl-amine. This product has a minimal shelf…
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Want Peak Coating Performance in High Temperatures? Get Highland International Hi Temp Coatings

You Asked – We Listened We’ve introduced some high-temperature coatings for under insulation corrosion and other hot or aggressive environments you may have. We’ve done thorough research and have partnered with Highland International, who have capabilities server cycling condition up to 1,200 F. Highland HI Temp Coatings for Peak Performance Highland HiTemp Coatings provide aesthetic…
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