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Hospital Chiller Refurbishment

The Problem A university’s hospital was looking to spend $450,000 to purchase a new chiller, in which installation would cost over $1 million. They couldn’t get the new chiller because…
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Corroded Chiller Refurbishment

The Problem Our client had existing Chillers that had never been coated before. Upon inspection, they noticed a lot of Galvanic corrosion and pitting on the tube face sheet and…
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Chiller Refurbishment

The Problem A chiller operator at a large stadium was concerned with corrosion inside one of their chillers. Hearing about our solutions for corrosion protection and prevention, they decided to…
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chiller with corrosion

Chiller Plant at Big 10 University – 2015

The Problem A Chiller Plant at a Big 10 University was experiencing galvanic corrosion, also know as bimetal corrosion, which was eating away at the metals and causing tubes to…
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