Power Plant Warehouse Floor Repair

Power Plant Warehouse Floor Repair

The Challenge

Years of heavy use, forklift traffic, water, cleaning chemicals and salts had severely damaged this floor at the primary warehouse of a Michigan Power Plant.

The customer needed a long term solution that could be installed over the weekend, during a unit outage, to minimize inconvenience and downtime and save money by not having to do a complete replacement.

The Solution

The Flooring System that the USI Team chose to repair, protect and upgrade was USI Epoxy Mortar Concrete Patch, USI Flexible Broadcast Primer and USI HB Epoxy Color Coat

The floor was prepared according to the products Technical Data Sheets.

Concrete damage as deep as 3 to 6 inches was first repaired with USI Epoxy Mortar Concrete Patch.

Next, USI Flexible Broadcast Primer was applied, followed by USI HB Epoxy Color Coat, a high build epoxy coating that has excellent abrasion, impact, and chemical resistance.

Lastly, XD Grip was applied for added safety.


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