US Coatings VSC1200: Advanced High Solids Polyester Polyurethane Topcoat 1 Gallon Navy Grey


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Introducing the US Coatings VSC1200, a high-performance 2K polyester urethane topcoat that sets a new standard in the coatings industry. This top-tier product is designed to deliver long-term protection and durability, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. The US Coatings VSC1200 stands out with its unique formulation that incorporates Eastman TETRASHIELD™ resin technology, ensuring not only superior protection but also an aesthetically pleasing high-gloss finish.

Key Features of US Coatings VSC1200:

  1. Exceptional Long-Term Protection: Engineered for durability and resilience, offering lasting defense against environmental factors.
  2. VOC Compliant: Adheres to environmental standards, making it a responsible choice for eco-conscious projects.
  3. Eastman TETRASHIELD™ Resin Technology: This advanced technology contributes to the topcoat’s remarkable performance, outshining traditional polyurethanes.
  4. Consistent Film Build & Easy Application: Designed for ease of use, ensuring a uniform coating with every application.
  5. Durable High-Gloss Finish: Provides a visually appealing glossy surface that enhances the aesthetic value of any project.
  6. Flexible Film & Low Temperature Cure Capabilities: Offers versatility in application, including effective curing at lower temperatures.
  7. Superior Gloss and Color Retention: Ensures that the aesthetic appeal of the surface is maintained over time.
  8. Chemical Resistance & Exceptional Adhesion Properties: Resists a range of chemicals and adheres strongly to various surfaces.
  9. Rapid and Extended Recoat Window: Allows for timely recoating, enhancing project efficiency.
  10. Advanced UV Protection: Shields surfaces from harmful UV rays, preventing fading and degradation.

Typical Uses: The US Coatings VSC1200 is ideal for structural steel, steel tanks, barges, refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, pulp and paper mills, and masonry surfaces, among others. Its hard, tough, and extremely durable nature, courtesy of the revolutionary Eastman TETRASHIELD™ technology, ensures it excels in environments where long-term color and gloss retention are essential.

Technical Advantages: The US Coatings VSC1200 is more than just a topcoat; it’s a comprehensive solution for protecting and enhancing a wide array of industrial surfaces. Its advanced formulation guarantees not only protection but also an aesthetic appeal that withstands the test of time. Whether it’s for a heavy industrial setting or a sophisticated architectural structure, the US Coatings VSC1200 delivers unparalleled results.

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