Success Stories

Stop It® Pipe Repair Composite Elbow Repair Application

https://youtu.be/grW6PcBTR-s?si=TglQr_QtoTp3Mcrw A leaking pipe can shut down production for hours, costing you valuable lost production. STOP IT® pipe leak tape kit can have you back up and running in about…
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Protect Straight Pipe from Corrosion with Denso Petrolatum Tape

https://youtu.be/-aPp7ezVPH4?si=Rc9c8br8vdm52AMT Watch the training video showing how to apply petrolatum tape / wax tape to protect straight pipe from corrosion. Denso™ Petrolatum Tape has been on the market for 90+…
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Diesel Tank Refurbishment for Long-Term Protection

The Problem A steel tank, integral to the operations of a facility, began showing signs of deterioration. Its coating was cracking and failing, and the color had dulled significantly due…
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Emergency Watermain Repair

Emergency Watermain Repair of a Corroded 24” Pipe

The Problem A 24” engineered steel watermain, which was previously protected with cold applied tape, encountered an unforeseen accident. It was struck by a fiber optic directional bore, causing a…
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Viscoelastics 101: Revolutionizing Water and Wastewater Treatment

In the complex world of water and wastewater treatment, finding innovative and efficient solutions is crucial for ensuring safety, sustainability, and compliance with environmental standards. Among the various technologies and…
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Rethink Your Pipe Repair Operations - 5 Reasons To Avoid Hot Work Permits

Rethink Your Repair Operations – 5 Reasons To Avoid Hot Work Permits

In 2024, OSHA is pushing ever harder to reduce the number of injuries and fatal accidents contributed directly to welding, and has labeled such a “high priority” in its operations.…
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Navigating the Hazards: A Comprehensive Guide to Slips, Trips, and Falls Prevention in the Industrial Sector

In the bustling realm of industrial workplaces, slips, trips, and falls constitute a significant threat to employee safety and operational efficiency. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported…
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photo of a shiny warehouse floor that has been encapsulated

2023 an Unconventional Year in Review

2023 was an exciting year for us. We built our new website (thanks for visiting), welcomed incredible new team members, and began work on one of our most exciting projects…
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Navigating the World of Flooring Damage: Essential Tips for Coating Assessment

Industrial flooring is the unsung hero of the workplace – it takes a beating day in and day out, yet is often overlooked until problems arise. Whether it’s wear and…
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