Sand Filter Repair

Sand Filter Repair

The Challenge

This steel mill was experiencing leaks in their sand filter and replacement costs were going to run into the millions of dollars. When you consider removal of old sand filters, the price of new sand filters, and installation costs a long-lasting repair is a better option.

The Substrate


The Solution

This particular steel mill had Unconventional Solutions, Inc. partner up with one of their on-site contractors to train and provide technical support and troubleshooting on how to use Resimetal 101 Metal Repair Paste for holes and pitting. Then 2 coats, 1 of Resimetal 202 Ceramic Repair Fluid in blue and 1 of Resimetal 202 Ceramic Repair Fluid in light gray, were applied for abrasion and erosion protection.

This project was so successful that the client had Unconventional Solutions, Inc. do several other filters shortly after the first one was completed.

Products Used

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