Innovative Floor Refurbishment in a Utility Company Warehouse

Innovative Floor Refurbishment in a Utility Company Warehouse

The Problem

A utility company faced a significant challenge with the deteriorating condition of their main warehouse floor, which was nearing the end of its lifecycle, it was in need of  a warehouse floor refurbishment. The warehouse operates 24/7, making it impossible to shut down for extensive repairs or replacement. Aware that delaying the refurbishment could lead to the need for a complete floor demolition and replacement – a costly and disruptive process – the company sought a repair solution. Based on previous successful projects, Unconventional Solutions was chosen for their expertise and quality of service.

The Substrate

The warehouse floor was made of concrete, a durable material suited for heavy industrial use. However, even concrete can wear down over time, especially under constant use in a high-traffic warehouse.

The Solution

warehouse floor refurbishing process

Unconventional Solutions devised a strategic approach to refurbish the floor without requiring a complete shutdown of the warehouse operations:

  • Floor Preparation: A scarifier with a dust collector was used to prepare the floors. This equipment not only ensured efficient removal of the damaged surface layer but also maintained a clean working environment.
  • Patching and Crack Filling: The USI Epoxy Mortar Patch Kit was used to patch larger holes. A variant of the mixture with less aggregate was used to fill smaller cracks, ensuring a smooth and even surface.
  • Priming: The entire area was then primed with USI Flexible Broadcast Primer. This primer is designed to enhance the adhesion of the topcoat, a critical step for a lasting repair.
  • Applying Epoxy Floor Coating: Two coats of USI High Build Epoxy Floor Coating were applied. This high-performance coating provides durability and a fresh look to the old concrete floor.
  • Adding Slip Resistance: USI Granular Aggregate LD was backrolled into the top coat to provide slip resistance, enhancing the safety of the warehouse environment.
  • Staged Implementation: To minimize disruption to warehouse operations, the project was executed in stages over several weekends.

The warehouse floor refurbishment was a resounding success. The strategic approach allowed the warehouse to continue operating while the floor was progressively restored to a like-new condition. The client was particularly pleased with the improved lighting in the warehouse due to the light gray coloring of the new floor, which made the environment more LED-friendly. The project not only saved the company from the high costs and disruptions of floor replacement but also enhanced the overall safety and aesthetics of the warehouse.

refurbished floor

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