Revitalizing the Chemically Damaged Floor of a Beverage Manufacturer’s Power Plant

Revitalizing the Chemically Damaged Floor of a Beverage Manufacturer’s Power Plant

The Problem

A major beverage manufacturer was grappling with a significant issue in their power plant. The concrete floor had sustained considerable damage due to constant exposure to aggressive chemicals. The manufacturer required a solution that would not only comply with stringent EPA regulations but also provide a rapid and enduring repair to prevent future damage.

The Substrate

The damaged floor in question was made of concrete. While concrete is known for its durability and strength, it is vulnerable to deterioration under frequent chemical attacks, especially in industrial environments like a power plant.

The Solution

repaired floor

Unconventional Solutions was approached for their expertise in addressing such challenges:

  • Concrete Repair with RESICHEM 570 Concrete Patch Repair XF: The first step involved repairing the damaged concrete. RESICHEM 570 Concrete Patch Repair XF was selected for this task due to its high-performance capabilities. This repair compound is designed to rebuild and protect concrete surfaces, offering excellent adhesion and resilience.
  • Application of RESICHEM 503 SPEP Primer: After repairing the concrete, the floor was primed with RESICHEM 503 SPEP, a solvent-free primer that enhances the adhesion of the subsequent protective coating. This primer is crucial for ensuring the longevity of the topcoat.
  • Protective Coating with RESICHEM 511 UCEN: The final step involved coating the repaired concrete with RESICHEM 511 UCEN. This two-component coating is known for its superior protection against aggressive acids and chemicals, making it an ideal choice for the power plant’s demanding conditions.

The floor repair and protective coating solution provided by Unconventional Solutions effectively revitalized the power plant’s floor. The combination of RESICHEM 570 Concrete Patch Repair XF, RESICHEM 503 SPEP, and RESICHEM 511 UCEN not only repaired the existing damage but also ensured that the floor was well-protected against future chemical attacks. The manufacturer was pleased with the rapid and durable solution, which aligned perfectly with the EPA regulations and their operational requirements.

Products Used

For expert solutions in repairing and protecting industrial concrete floors from chemical damage, turn to Unconventional Solutions. Our advanced products and technical expertise ensure your floors are durable, safe, and compliant. Contact us for your flooring repair needs.

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