Abrasion Resistant Pipeline Coating: Enhancing Pipeline Durability for a Michigan-Based Gas Company

Abrasion Resistant Pipeline Coating: Enhancing Pipeline Durability for a Michigan-Based Gas Company

The Problem

Abrasion Resistant Pipeline Coating: A gas company in Michigan faced a significant challenge with their pipeline, which stretched over four thousand feet through a field in Michigan. The pipeline, coated with a single layer of Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE), had incurred substantial damage due to multiple drilling attempts under a highway. Seeking a durable and effective solution, the company turned to Unconventional Solutions for assistance.

The Substrate

The pipeline was composed of metal with an FBE coating and API steel pipe. While FBE coatings offer good protection against corrosion, the physical damage from the drilling attempts necessitated additional protection to maintain the pipeline’s integrity.

The Solution

Unconventional Solutions recommended a tailored approach to reinforce the pipeline to provide an abrasion resistant pipeline coating:

  • Selection of 3M Scotchkote 328: This two-part epoxy system was chosen for its proven abrasion resistance. Known for its rugged, tough, and flexible properties, 3M Scotchkote 328 was ideal for the pipeline’s requirements.
  • Flexibility and Application: With over 4% flexibility, this abrasion-resistant overcoat provided the necessary protection without compromising the pipeline’s structural integrity. The product was applied at a thickness of 30-40 millimeters over the existing FBE coating, serving as an Abrasion Resistant Overcoat (ARO).
  • Brush Blasting Process: To prepare the surface for the application of Scotchkote 328, the existing FBE coating was brush blasted. This process ensured proper adhesion and effectiveness of the new coating.

Products Used

  • 3M Scotchkote 328: A two-part epoxy system selected for its abrasion resistance and suitability for protecting pipelines against physical damage.


For robust and reliable pipeline coating solutions that extend the life of your infrastructure, contact Unconventional Solutions. Our expertise in advanced coating systems ensures your pipelines withstand environmental and physical challenges.

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