Moisture Barrier Decorative Floor System

Moisture Barrier Decorative Floor System

Success Story:

Moisture Barrier Decorative Floor System

The Problem

A Headquarters Facility had water damage in the basement and wanted to upgrade their flooring system.  A flood had damaged the old tile and carpeting and they wanted a more decorative uplifting look.

The Solution

The area was first prepped according to the Technical Data Sheets of the Flooring System Products that were chosen to upgrade, repair and protect for a long lasting solution.

USI Moisture Vapor Barrier was then laid down to prevent future water penetration that the area might come into contact with through the years.  Next, USI LVP High Build Quick Set Epoxy was applied to the area, as a high solids primer was needed before applying any top coats.  Lastly, a special order color flake mixture was mixed in with USI SF Polyaspartic Sealer to create a decorative, easy to clean, non-slip finish.