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Facility Maintenance Layup

USI partners with Cortec to bring you the most recent Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI®) products to aid with the variety of structures and systems that come with Facility Maintenance Layup.  Boilers: Drain Add Boiler Lizard® pouches (one per 1000 gallons [3.8 m³]) to water side or fog with Boiler Dragon™ at 1 oz./ft3 (1…
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Rethink Your Pipe Repair Operations – 5 Reasons To Avoid Hot Work Permits

In 2021, OSHA is pushing ever harder to reduce the number of injuries and fatal accidents contributed directly to welding, and has labeled such a “high priority” in its operations. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics further declared welding poses unique risks to over 500,000 workers due to explosions, falls, crushing, electrocutions and asphyxiations. (www.wcwelding.com)…
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Why to Coat Concrete

By: Stormy Shaw Concrete can be a difficult surface to coat because of its wide range of properties. Concrete is porous and uneven in texture, with differences in density from one section to another. If left unprotected, concrete floors can be exposed to several damaging elements, such as heavy traffic, chemicals, acids, cleaning products and…
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