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Why to Coat Concrete

By: Stormy Shaw Concrete can be a difficult surface to coat because of its wide range of properties. Concrete is porous and uneven in texture, with differences in density from one section to another. If left unprotected, concrete floors can be exposed to several damaging elements, such as heavy traffic, chemicals, acids, cleaning products and…
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Oil and Gas Industry Challenges

By: Stormy Shaw Decreasing Reserves As decreasing reserves force companies to work in remote or hostile situations, the high cost and difficulty of unearthing energy is steadily growing. Immense capital investments are mandatory when portfolios are weighed down by projects that aren’t optimized. Incredibly complex supply chains make it extremely difficult to deliver projects on…
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Non-metallic Composites in Gas Plants

The Oil & Gas industry has been using metallic materials for many years, but in some instances non-metallic materials like thermoplastic polymers and composites can offer a better solution. Ever-increasing energy demand and the need for new efficient technologies are driving oil companies to push on technological boundaries ever further by using reliable partners and…
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Pipeline Construction and Trends

By Stormy Shaw Global energy trends and forecasts in the first quarter of 2019 continue to support a usually strong outlook for oil and gas production and infrastructure construction to meet growing demand and evolving patterns of trade. An improved world economy is expected to reinforce increases in the trade of both crude oil and…
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5 Water Projects to Consider this Spring

By Stormy Shaw Across various industrial sectors projects to update and maintain proper water and wastewater processes are constantly underway. The trials and tribulations of outstanding industrial projects and honor of those successes are of high interest in these industries. You would expect the typical equipment refurbishment of equipment to keep things running but complete…
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