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Facility Maintenance

University Hospital Chiller – 2020

The Challenge Over the past 5 years, this University Hospital has been experiencing galvanic corrosion in many of their chillers, causing tubes to plug.  Unconventional Solutions, Inc. has had success with the refurbishment of their chillers in the past to lower their energy cost.  So needing to refurbish another chiller here in 2020, they did…
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Air Handler/Cooling Pan Repair

The Challenge A Michigan Heavy Equipment Dealer was dealing standing water that was causing significant corrosion and metal loss to a cooling pad on an older air handler. Continued neglect could have lead to a trip, slip or fall hazard, as well as environmental concerns with mold, mildew or even harmful bacteria build up. The…
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Chiller – Power Plant at a Big 10 University

The Challenge A Power Plant at a Big 10 University within their Steam Plant, was experiencing galvanic corrosion, also know as bimetal corrosion, which was eating away at the metals and causing tubes to plug.  This University wanted to lower their energy cost and felt a hydrophobic ceramic enhanced polymer coating would provide a smoother…
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