Auto Plant Striping Pit Repair

Auto Plant Striping Pit Repair

The Challenge

The striping pit at this Michigan auto plant – the area cars get their racing stripes – was accumulating damage from condensation and moisture penetration. 

The plant was built on a wetland, which contributed to persistent groundwater penetration. Numerous treatments were applied over the years, but nothing was keeping the water out and protecting the concrete.

USI was called in to offer their unique solution to the problem that “couldn’t be solved”.

The Solution

USI recommended Resichem 572 Concrete Seal CWC, a membrane that prevented moisture intrusion into the pit.  Included in this solution were USI Moisture Vapor Barrier and USI LVP High-Build Quick-Set Epoxy.

Resichem 572 Concrete Seal CWC, can hold back up to 140 PSI of hydrostatic pressure and is the model solution for basements, floors, walls, and ceilings that are fighting the battle with moisture infiltration.

Thanks to the Resichem 572 Concrete Seal CWC solution, the striping pit was equipped with everything it needed to get back on the track.


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