Vendor Spotlight: Peat Sorb

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Vendor Spotlight: Peat Sorb

By: Stormy Shaw

It is estimated that less oil is spilled in a tanker than seeps into coastal waters and groundwater from land spills every year. Some estimates range as high as 200 million gallons annually on US soil and water alone.

One pint of oil can create a one acre slick on water. A quart of motor oil will foul the taste of one quarter million gallons of drinking water. Degradation of oil requires oxygen, reducing the amount available to aquatic life. On land spilled oil can destroy plant life.

Accidental spills will happen. Fast effective spill response procedures are a part of the solution to this problem. Peat Sorb products are key parts in any response plans. They are easy to use, effective and disposable. The most environmentally friendly and responsible sorbent products available today.

Created in 1990, Peat Sorb products an environmentally friendly oil absorbent from Western Canada made of 100% Canadian sphagnum peat moss. Peat is partly decomposed plant matter that forms in waterlogged environments such as bogs and swamps from the gradual accumulation of mosses, grasses, shrubs and trees. Canadian peat is plentiful and can be harvested without major damage of the peatlands, making it a greener choice than other absorbent options.

Peat Sorb is lightweight and absorbs hydrocarbons cleanly and completely on contact instantly on land and water. Pete Sorb is approved by the EPA, the Coast Guard and Michigan State University. It is useful in practically any industry.

Peat Sorb used in an emergency situation

Peat Sorb Bags

Every pound of pete moss absorbs one gallon of liquid. Peat Sorb saves time by making clean ups quick and easy and it solidifies liquid waste for safe transport. Peat Sorb is available bagged in four different sizes; 10 liter loose fill, 2 cubic feet and 4 cubic feet.

Peat Sorb Socks

Socks can be used as a boom to contain spills and prevent seepage. A 4-foot sock can absorb approximately two gallons of oil. It’s powerful wicking action and its ability to suppress VOC’s set it apart from any other absorbent competition. Socks can be used as a barrier to absorb and contain leaks around machinery. The socks come in different sizes for your specific needs.

Peat Sorb Spill Kits

Over the past few years, major oil spills and the removal of hazardous contaminates from the industrial workplace have received a high level of attention. In North America both government authorities and businesses have been put under increased public pressure to improve their environmental performance.

Peat Sorb absorbs cleanly and completely on contact and is pound for pound eight times more effective than clay based absorbents. Peat moss leaves no messy residue to clean up and can be incinerated or disposed of in landfills depending on what is being absorbed. A Peat Sorb Spill Kit is great to have on hand just in case of as spill, this will ensure you are prepared for any spill emergency.

All aspect of the process must be considered when considering the cleanup of spilled materials- equal consideration must be given to emergency response, containment, control, pick up, storage, transportation and disposal. These steps are regulated by different laws that are changing rapidly. Products utilized in cleanup must conform to laws regulating transportation and disposal Sorbents must have the flexibility to work under a variety of clean up conditions and quickly clean up different types of contaminates. Using sorbents that cause additional disposal problems can be both counterproductive and costly.

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