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About USI At Unconventional Solutions, INC you get support and ongoing training with each solution. Not just products. We want to stress the importance of quality control to assure the product works right the first time. We want to give you the peace of mind that your coating project or repair system will go off without hitches. We believe it is better to do it right the first time, to take time and spend more time on the surface preparation and use the right repair or coating system, than to redo it over and over again. Unconventional Solutions believes in ongoing training for its employees so they can better help you, our clients. All of the technical consultants not only go through extensive training at USI, but they also get ongoing training at NACE sponsored courses and events. We even send associates to NACE Coating Inspector Programs once they master the basics. At NACE training they reinforce the importance of surface preparation, environmental conditions, mixing and application of our repair materials, liquid coatings, tapes, primers, and paints. Our owners Tiffany and Doug Klingensmith are both NACE CIP Certified and have combined industrial specific and coating know-how of over 30 years. We believe in solving problems so learn more by subscribing to our Monthly Leading Edge Newsletter or call us today at (248) 735-7000.