Tech Talk Lining Systems for Dynamic Cargos

Tech Talk Lining Systems for Dynamic Cargos

Lining Systems for Dynamic Cargos

Tech Talk with Trevor Newell, Seal For Life Industries 

“Lining Systems for Dynamic Cargos”

Goal: Define the challenges of selecting the proper liner coating for dynamic cargo storage and containment and review solutions that meet service-specific challenge.

What are Dynamic Cargos
Challenges to Address in Liner Selection
Available Technologies (Formulation and Thin Film vs. Thick Film)
Site Specific Considerations
Inspection & Testing


What are Dynamic Cargos: A cargo that is characterized by constant change, activity or progress.
– The actual cargo may change
– The environment may change
– A process may change


It’s not always easy to adapt to CHANGE!

Typical Cargos:
– Cruise Oil (Sweet or sour)
– Refined Petroleum Products (Clean, Dirty, Contains MTSB)
– Organic Chemicals (Alcohols, hydrocarbons, ketones)
– Inorganic Chemicals (acids, caustics)
– Vegetable / Animal Oils & Fats
– Process Water, Miscellaneous

What happens when you need that one railcar or tank to carry multiple cargos back-to-back, at different temperatures, or withstand higher temperature cleaning requirements between services?

Trevor Newell
Seal for Life Industries


Seal For Life Industries Group – A company with a deep history of innovation in the market leading technologies that we represent. With more than 60 years of experience Seal For Life Industries offers the most diversified coating solutions in the market for superior infrastructure protection. Lining Systems for Dynamic Cargos with Trevor Newell

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