Crude Oil Pit Rebuild & Protection

Crude Oil Pit Rebuild & Protection

The Challenge

This old crude oil pit was exhibiting decay from years of neglect. Some concrete areas were worn down to the reinforcement. Repair budget was a key issue, so Unconventional Solutions worked together with the customer to find the most economical solution without the expense and time of a complete tear-out and re-pour of the concrete.

The Solution

To accommodate the customer’s requirements, Unconventional Solutions recommended a coat of Resichem 505 Damp Seal, a low viscosity epoxy primer for green or wet concrete surfaces. Next, Resichem 576 Quartz Screed, a high strength solvent free epoxy repair mortar with fine sand was used to patch any deeply eroded concrete areas.  All of this was followed by two coats of Resichem 511 UCEN, a chemical resistant coating, to the repaired concrete area as well as existing concrete that did not require repair. This solution provided long-term protection from the crude oil along with other hydrocarbons that could end up in the pit.


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