VpCI®-637 (5 Gal)


 VpCI-637/637 GL provides effective internal corrosion control in natural gas and crude oil gatherings and transmission lines. 

VpCI-637/637 GL are a combination of vapor phase, neutralizing, and film-forming corrosion inhibitors to combat the broadest range of corrosive attack from moisture and condensation, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and other corrosive contaminants in natural gas and petroleum. These non-emulsifying formulations offer the benefits of filming inhibitors that form a tenacious protective film on metal surfaces; neutralizing inhibitors that combat corrosive fluid formation and vapor phase inhibitors that reach areas inaccessible by direct contact to protect areas subject to varying flow ratios.

The unique chemistries of VpCI-637/637 GL allow these products to provide excellent protection in “sweet/sour” saturated carbon dioxide/hydrogen sulfide environments.

According to results obtained from the Wheel Test (NACE test method publication ID182), VpCI-637/637 GL provides excellent protection in both continuous and intermittent treatments; due to exceptional film persistency.

For VpCI-637 GL or 55 Gallon Drum Pricing, contact USI direct at 248.735.7000

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  •  VpCI-637/637 GL are designed for use in natural gas and petroleum recovery process and crude oil when water solubilty is desired. 
  • VpCI-637 GL is recommended for systems where low foaming properties are required.
  • VpCI-637 is very effective in gathering systems containing a significant amount of water or as a corrosion inhibitor for secondary oil-recovery operations, where the water is a carrier.


  •  Effective for a wide range of systems and corrosive conditions
  •  Provides maximum control over long distances for highly corrosive systems having a high ratio of water-to-hydrocarbons, including low areas in systems where water collects and extreme corrosive attack occurs
  • Form an adsorbed, protective layer that protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Effective against water, corrosive gases, and halogens
  • Vapor phase action provides protection from atmospheric conditions and moisture condensation to areas not accessible by filming inhibitors
  • Recommended concentrations do not cause foaming or upsets in gas sweetening or glycol dehydration processes
  • Does not contain heavy metals, chlorinated hydrocarbons, or volatile amines
  • Provides cost effective solution
  • VpCI-637 GL does not affect foaming properties in the natural gas processing

For VpCI-637 GL or 55 Gallon Drum Pricing, contact USI direct at 248.735.7000

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