USI Emergency Plug Pattie with Antifreeze


USI Emergency Plug Pattie (USI Premix) with antifreeze is primarily used to plug damaged gasoline and diesel fuel tank leaks. It is intended as a first response to control the amount spilled and minimize the clean-up.

The Premixed is ready for immediate use. No surface preparation in necessary. USI Plug Pattie (USI Premix) directly into and around the leak. Press down to get good adhesion. Additional USI Plug Pattie (USI Premix) can be added over the top. Will hold up to 2-3 feet of head. USI Plug Pattie (USI Premix) is a temporary plug. For a longer term patch, apply quick-cure epoxy over the top of the USI Plug Pattie (USI Premix). The USI Plug Pattie (USI Premix) seals off the liquid allowing the epoxy to cure.



  • Non-toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • Shelf life for premix – two years.

Will hold about 2-3 feet of head. It does not set up like an epoxy. Regular Premix will freeze at 32°F. Premix with antifreeze mixed in will go down below zero.

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Weight 4 lbs


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