RD-6 Coating 6″ x 50′



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RD-6™ is a non-shielding coating. This means that if the coating ever becomes disbonded from the pipe surface, the pipeline is still protected because cathodic protection currents can reach the disbonded area. Once there, the cathodic current will raise the pH of the water underneath the disbonded area to 9 or higher – a level too high to support corrosion. Additionally, the geotextile fabric backing of RD-6™ does not shield cathodic protection currents.

RD-6™ is less likely to fail (to become disbonded) because:

• RD-6™ resists disbondment from the pipe, even if surface

preparation is less than perfect.

• RD-6™ is highly resistant to soil stress, a major cause of

coating disbondment.

• RD-6™ installs faster than almost any other coating, and

requires no cure time.

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