CorroLogic® Nano VpCI® Powder

CorroLogic® Nano VpCI® Powder is a Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor powder of superfine particles, a few microns in size, designed particularly for soil-side corrosion protection of aboveground storage tanks (ASTs). When applied in enclosed void spaces, such as those below ASTs, CorroLogic® Nano VpCI® Powder diffuses and forms a self-healing protective layer on the metal surfaces. Due to its superfine particle size, CorroLogic® Nano VpCI® Powder works faster, travels farther, and has better coverage than standard VpCI®. In addition to protecting against soil-side corrosion in ASTs, it is also effective for applications in other hard-to-reach recessed areas, interior cavities, and voids.

Superfine particles have many unique properties. They disperse faster because diffusion coefficient is inversely proportional to particle size (Stokes Einstein Equation), and they travel longer distances due to greater buoyancy and smaller gravity. Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA) showed that in turbulent flow, particle velocity of CorroLogic® Nano VpCI® Powder was twice that of regular sized VpCI®.

CorroLogic® Nano VpCI® Powder also has much larger specific surface area compared to larger particles of the same mass, enabling greater coverage as well as faster sublimation (transition from powder to vapor). These special physicochemical features empower CorroLogic® Nano VpCI® Powder with faster protection kinetics and enable a much faster buildup of a protective VpCI® environment in hard-to-reach recessed voids.

For Pricing, contact USI direct at 248.735.7000 or office@USIgroups.com



  • Soil-side protection of Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs)
  • Tubular structures, pipes, vessels with complex geometry, and hard-to-reach areas
  • Equipment protection after hydrostatic testing
  • Parts, components, and completed assemblies during shipping and storage


  • VpCI® powder of superfine crystal particles
  • Greater specific surface area for faster sublimation and quicker protection
  • Improved fogging distances
  • Adsorbed VpCI® material forms protective barrier layer
  • Vapor phase inhibiting action protects inaccessible and recessed surfaces
  • If the VpCI® layer is disturbed by moisture or opening of the enclosure, the barrier layer is replenished (self-healing) by continuous vapor deposition of the remaining VpC®I powder


  • Provides up to 24 months of continuous protection
  • Little or no surface preparation required
  • Meets testing requirements of NACE TM0208-2013 and MILI-22110C
  • Does not contain silicates, phosphates, nitrites, or heavy metals
  • Biodegradable (100% biodegradable in marine environment, rapidly degradable according to testing of OECD 306, BOD 28 Marine test*)
  • Very low toxicity (LD-50 = 5,000 mg oral-rat*)
  • Bioaccumulation potential: none (OECD** Guideline 117*)

*Testing performed by Nortech A.S. Norway in accordance with Oslo-Paris commission protocol
**Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development

For Pricing, contact USI direct at 248.735.7000 or office@USIgroups.com


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