Crusher Shaft Repair

Crusher Shaft Repair

The Challenge

This shaft of a single toggle jaw crusher was exhaustively used in a mining facility.  The shaft weighed 3,000 pounds and originally cost over $20,000.  The journal areas had been excessively worn as a result of the aggressive working environment and many years of use. Four areas of heavy wear were identified for refurbishment. The client required a high-performance engineering repair solution to last many more years.

The Solution

The worn sections were abraded to create a rough surface profile. Then USI Universal Cleaner was used to ensure any loose material and surface contaminants were removed. RESIMETAL 101 Metal Repair Paste was then used to affect a long-lasting repair to the shaft. After a cure time of just 2 hours, the shaft was machined back to its original diameter and force cured at 212°F for 24 hours using heating pads to complete the process.

RESIMETAL 101 Metal Repair Paste is a two component, engineering grade metal repair compound which does not corrode or shrink and provides superb mechanical strength in one easy application.

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